Nestled in the beautiful Italian landscape, Tivoli is a charming city with a long history and stunning views. Found on the hills near Rome, this lovely place combines heritage and nature, making it a must-see for both locals and visitors.
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About Tivoli

Tivoli is like a delightful city sitting on hills, offering stunning views of its pretty surroundings. Going up to the heart of Tivoli might take a little effort, but the amazing views make it all worthwhile. If the summer heat is too much, you can easily reach Tivoli's Old Town by car.

Right at the center of Tivoli is its port, a charming place at the city's tip with excellent dining options. But for those who want a view of the sea while eating, it's better to pick a restaurant along Tivoli's sandy beaches. This way, you get both tasty food and beautiful scenery.

Tivoli's beaches have nice, soft sand and are well taken care of for a great time by the sea. The water is clear and good for kids to enjoy. During the day, Tivoli has a laid-back atmosphere, turning into a lively nightlife scene at night, showing off the fun side of Italian life.

The new center of Tivoli is like a small town, offering services and giving you a taste of authentic Italian life. Unlike places that rely only on tourists, Tivoli's city center keeps its local charm alive.

Walking around Tivoli, especially the beach street, might be a bit tight, and parking could be a challenge. Choosing a hotel with parking close to the beach is a smart idea for a comfortable stay.

Getting to Tivoli is easy with the Cotral bus from Laurentina Metro Station. A short ten-minute walk from the last stop takes you to the city's beaches, letting you explore history and enjoy the natural beauty of Italy.

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