Sperlonga is a lovely little town located about a hundred kilometers from Rome. Sperlonga offers beautiful landscapes, a whiff of history and excellent shallow sandy beaches. Sperlonga is an underrated gem among beach destinations.
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About Sperlonga

The medieval town of Sperlonga is located at the tip of a rocky peninsula rising from the sea, guarded by Torre Truglia.  The old town is small but very picturesque.  In its whitewashed narrow and labyrinthine alleys and courtyards you can find small boutiques and casual bars, shaded by a terrace. The view from the old town to the sea is dazzling.

On the magnificent beach of Sperlonga, you can spend the whole day in a stabilimento.  A perfect stabilimento has all the services to spend a day at the beach. Sun loungers and parasols can be rented, and lunch can be enjoyed in the restaurant.  There is a beach street along the beach, where you can find restaurants and bars where you can enjoy an aperitif and dinner while watching the sunset.

Sperlonga is an excellent excursion destination for a couple of days visit.  In a couple of days, you have time to wander around the old town, explore the cave of Tiberius and the ruins of his palace, the archaeological museum, enjoy the beach life and eat seafood well.

The journey to Sperlonga takes just over two hours by car.  It is not possible to drive to the Old Town, but you must park your car in one of the car parks near the city centre.

Sperlonga can almost be reached by train, but at either Monte San Biagio or Fondi station you must change to a bus to Sperlonga via Terracina.

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