San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo is a beachfront resort located on a beautiful headland near the natural park surrounding the Monte Circeo mountain. The lush green mountain rising from the sea to a height of five hundred meters makes San Felice Circeo a unique beach destination that has been inhabited for millennia.
San Felice Circeo
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About San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo is a charming little old town perched on a mountainside with great views down to the seashore. Climbing into the Old Town is quite a chore, but it's worth the effort. The Old Town can also be reached by car if climbing seems too difficult in the summer heat. 

The port of San Felice Circeo is located at the tip of the peninsula. There are several high-quality restaurants in the port. The restaurants in the port are not located by the sea, if you are looking for a sea view, you should choose a restaurant along the sandy beach of San Felice Circeo. 

The beaches of San Felice Circeo are fine sand and are carefully maintained. The sea water is crystal clear and the water quality is excellent. The beaches are suitable for children. The atmosphere in San Felice is relaxed, but the nightlife is lively. 

The new center of San Felice Circeo has all the services of a small town. The new center does is not a holiday destination that thrives on tourism, but a city where you can sense ordinary Italian life.  

My trip to San Felice Circeo

We spent a couple of nights vacation in San Felice Circeo. I chose the resort based on its scenic location and its interesting historical past. I especially like beach resorts that have both. For example, Gaeta and Sperlonga are my favorites for the same reason.

Although the beaches of Terracina and Sabaudia, located near San Felice Circeo, are of equal quality, I am also attracted to beach destinations by their history. San Felice Circeo was chosen as a place to live by the ancient Neanderthals and it was tried to be conquered by the Vandals and the Saracens, so there is something special about San Felice Circeo that makes the tourist make the same choice.

We chose a dog-friendly hotel and a room with a sea view balcony. Our car was conveniently parked in the hotel parking lot. The journey from the hotel to the beach took as long as the road crossing. I went to spend a day at the beach both with the free spiagga libera and at the paid balneare, where I rented a parasol and a chair. There was no rush hour in either of them on a weekday at the beginning of summer.

Monte Circeo rises impressively to a height of five hundred meters above the sea, and its slope is decorated with watchtowers built in the 15th century, which were built to prevent pirate attacks. On the slope of the mountain is the old town of San Felice Circeo, where we visited to admire the wonderful scenery.

The port of San Felice Circeo was buzzing as boats were launched along the Lungomare. Some of the boats were so big that special transport was needed because a boat or ship would have blocked the entire road.

In the evening we went to a fish restaurant in the harbor to enjoy an excellent dinner. It's always nice to try different seafood delicacies at a seaside resort, even if sometimes you worry about what kind of beast will appear on your plate.

How to get from Rome to San Felice Circeo

San Felice Circeo beach street can be cramped and parking can be challenging if you arrive by car. You should consider choosing a hotel with parking and a short distance to the beach. 

San Felice Circeo is conveniently accessible by Cotral bus from Laurentina Metro Station. From the final stop it is about a ten-minute walk to the beach. 

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