Gaeta is a charming authentic coastal town 120km south of Rome. Gaeta has 20,000 residents, making it the largest city on the Riviera di Ulisse. Culturally, Gaeta is firmly in the sphere of influence of Naples, which can be seen, for example, in the support of the Naples football team, even though we are still on Lazio's side.
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About Gaeta

The idyllic city offers wonderful landscapes, beautiful nature, historical sights and genuine Italian charm. Gaeta's medieval old town is located on the tip of a promontory guarded by Castello Angioino. In the old town, you can wander along the narrow winding alleys and admire the historical buildings. Via dell'Indipendenza is a lovely narrow shopping street, from where you can sneak onto the terrace along the Lungomare Giovanni Caboto to enjoy lunch by the sea.


Gaeta is known for its well-maintained beaches. The popular child-friendly Serapo beach is close to the center and easily accessible. Fontania beach is a small idyllic beach where the Roman ruins of Villa di Gneo Fonteo are located. There is a cozy balneare on the slope above the beach, with a bar and restaurant as well as toilets and showers. Ariana Beach has wonderful views of the sea and the green hill where Torre Viola is located. No matter which beach you choose, you can expect clean sand, clear water and stunning scenery, the perfect setting to enjoy the beautiful coastal town.


Gaeta's nature offers opportunities for hiking. The area around the Monte Orlando fortress is a popular outdoor recreation area that offers wonderful views over the city and the sea. The Ulisse trail runs through the beautiful coastline and cliffs and historical sights, offering stunning views of the sea. The Sant'Agostino caves are also an interesting excursion destination.


You can get to Gaeta by bus that leaves Rome from Tiburtina or Anangina stations.

You can get to Gaeta by train from Roma Termini station first to Formia station, from where you continue by bus to Gaeta.

By car, the trip from Rome takes about 2.5 hours.

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