Fiumicino is easily accessible. It is located south of the airport, less than five kilometers from the airport. The canal of the river Tiber flows through the center of Fiumicino, on the north bank of which there are plenty of restaurants and bars where it is easy to relax with lunch before or after your flight. Fiumicino is the best beach destination on a flight day.
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About Fiumicino

Fiumicino's restaurants serve seafood delicacies that are guaranteed to be fresh. The canal might not be the coolest beach destination for everyone, as there are more and more worn-out trawlers attached to it. However, the sympathetic atmosphere of the authentic fishing port also attracts Romans who appreciate good food.

The sandy beaches of Fiumicino begin on the south side of the canal. If you have had lunch on the north side of the canal, you can cross the canal via a footbridge on the seaside. The sandy beaches start immediately after the port and offer all the services for spending a day at the beach.

The next beach destination south of Fiumicino is Lido di ostia, home to the chicest beach clubs on Rome's beaches and a lively nightlife.

In front of the T1 terminal, there is a bus to Fiumicino and the journey takes only 10 minutes. Or, if you come from Rome from the center, the fastest way to get to the airport is by Leonardo Express train, after which you can continue by bus to Fiumicino.

If you have an evening flight, you should consider arriving at the airport on time. You can leave your luggage in the airport baggage storage while you have lunch or spend a relaxing day at the beach in Fiumicino while waiting for your flight to depart.

You can find The Luggage storage on the ground floor of the T3 terminal and is maintained by ADR, which provides ground services at Fiumicino Airport. 0 level, ground floor

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