Anzio is located 50 kilometers south of Rome. Anzio is an authentic small but lively fishing town that offers its visitors wonderful beaches, where the sunsets are worth watching, liking the culture and delicious food. In Anzio you can experience the atmosphere of an authentic Italian fishing town and spend a relaxing day at the beach.
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About Anzio

In the port of Anzio you can see luxury pleasure boats and small fishing boats in perfect harmony.  In the morning, fishermen sell their catch directly from boats in the port. The quay bar is a great place to watch the slow pace of life in the port.  There are several upscale restaurants by the port where you can enjoy fresh seafood while watching the lights of the port. 

Anzio's history goes back to Roman times, and the city's main attraction is Emperor Nero's Villa di Nerone, which commemorates the grandeur of times gone by. 

The beaches of Anzio are excellent.  Anzio's long, lively promenade attracts tourists and locals for a day at the beach.  There are bars and restaurants on the promenade where you can refresh yourself and enjoy the seascape. The well-maintained Lido dei Pini offers good facilities, beautiful dunes and the possibility of looser sun worship.  The beach is popular with families as it provides a safe environment for playing and swimming. 

Anzio can be reached by train from Rome Termini. 

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